Closed Until Further Notice

For all of my life, I wanted to be a writer. But the dream always seemed to be just out of reach. No matter what I did or how hard I tried, it just seemed as though writing would never become a reality for me.

Nevertheless my heart was so very much attached to this dream, so I could never really let go. So that is what why I started this blog and corresponding social media sites around March of 2017.

And when I took that step of faith, a miracle transpired. Not right away. But the seed had been planted and began to take root. In May of 2017 I joined self-publishing school. This taught me what I needed to know to write and self-publish books. And in 2018, it finally happened. I published not one, but two books! I am thankful that I took that first step of starting this blog, because I believe it helped push my down the right path.

But since publishing my books, I felt I needed a blog and social media accounts in my own name. So I have been maintaining two blogs, two Instagram accounts, two Twitter accounts, two Facebook pages, and two Pinterest pages. That has become quite cumbersome, as you can imagine.

So I have made the difficult decision to close this blog and all The Redeemed Way accounts. It is with a heavy heart that I do so. I went back and forth about this decision for a while.

God and my family are my top priorities. And I need to eliminate some things from my plate in order to have more time for them. And hopefully this will also allow more time for writing as well.

However this doesn’t mean we have to go our separate ways. I invite you to follow me on my other blog See you there!