Gratitude is a Choice

Gratitude is a Choice

Thanksgiving is behind us. November is over. And the gratitude challenge is complete. Now what? Should we lay down our gratitude, similar to the way we set down our forks after all that pumpkin pie?

No. That is not my plan. And I hope it’s not your plan either. We are just getting started. Gratitude is a habit that we are just beginning to learn. So we must keep pressing forward on this new path.

I have learned a lot over the last thirty days. And I bet you have too. Take a moment to pause and think about what your November looked like. My days were filled with good things and not so good things, just like always. And I bet yours were too.

But it all boils down to this – Gratitude is a choice!

When those not so good things happened, we could choose how we would react to them. Would we get upset because things didn’t go our way? Or would we stop and realize that even though there were some things going wrong, there were still an awful lot of things going right?

I know not everyone will be receptive to living in a state of thanksgiving. Someone in my own family did not agree with it. That person has chosen to focus on the disappointments in life. I know life can be hard. I get it. There will be many trials here on earth.

But each and every day God gives us so much. We wake up each morning, fresh breath in our lungs, and a new day to live life. But do we appreciate it? Likely, most of us just grumble that it is already time to get up. Then God raises the sun in a burst of glorious colors and beautiful artwork. But often times, we look the other way, in a rush to get to work. We make it to work safe and sound. But do we acknowledge it? No. We are busy tackling our to do lists. I could go on and on. But you get the point.

God is good. All the time. But we have to stop and take notice. And that is when the miracles begin to take place. That is when we will begin to find true contentment in life. That is when we will begin harvest peace and faith and love and joy.

During this gratitude challenge, when I focused on the good things, I didn’t have room for the bad things. I couldn’t feel both good and bad at the same time. If something went wrong, my normal reaction was to feel irritated, annoyed, upset, angry, or some other negative emotion. But if I stopped and focused on the blessings in my life, I would feel happy, at peace, and content. Eventually the good feelings overrode the negative feelings.

And personally I would much rather feel happy than not. So that is why I choose to keep going. I am excited to see what else lies ahead on this path.

If you learned anything this month, please share!

And remember that every day is a gift!

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