Starting the Day

Starting the Day

For many years I didn’t make reading my Bible a priority. I thought that reading Christian non-fiction books and listening to sermons was good enough. But I was wrong. Finally about a decade ago I tried to make reading my Bible a priority. But I didn’t give it my all. I would hurry through a chapter and not necessarily retain what I read. I knew that I was still missing out on so much.

Over the years I have made better attempts to retain what I read. I would ask myself to summarize what I read or at least pull some tidbits out of it. If I couldn’t do that, then I knew I didn’t retain it. A lot of times I read in the morning. But sometimes I would try to squeeze it in later in the day. And too often, I still hurried through it.

I have had a longing to know God better. I have had a thirst for Him. I knew there was so much more to my walk that I was missing. And I knew that digging deeper in His Word would be a big key to seeing changes in my life.

Recently I have felt like God has been prompting me to start my day off right. This would mean getting up earlier to spend some time with Him before I did anything else. I didn’t really want to get up earlier. I already got up before most people I knew. I had been tired a lot and I had even been looking for ways to get extra sleep. But the funny thing was, when I tried to sleep in later, I would still wake up early. I knew this was God, gently pushing me.

So I finally turned back the time on my alarm. I went to my desk and focused on my Bible, trying to eliminate other distractions. Let me just tell you that I have actually felt more refreshed, not tired! Amazing! And since my brain was fresh, I soaked in so much more of what He was trying to teach me. It is so important that we start our day off with the Lord. Give Him the first fruit of the day and you will be rewarded!

Do you make Bible reading a daily habit? If so, do you like to do so in the morning? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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